Guide for children to help save the planet

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  • On 16/02/2017
Guide for children to help save the planet

And meet the objectives of UN Sustainability for 2030.S



• - When you brush your teeth do not leave the faucet open.

• Better to shower than bathe.

• Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

• - Help your parents to recycle.

• Eat what you put on the plate. •

- Play with boys and girls.

• - Play with children from other countries and races.

• Treat everyone equally regardless of race, religion, weight, height, favorite soccer team, etc.


• - Ask your father to arrange a plastic cleaning on the beach.

• Eat fish and vegetables.

• - Do not use drinking straws.

• - We can also go biking, walking or using public transport

• - Take advantage of time at school, and treat the school material well.

• To lead a healthy life, to eat healthy, to exercise and to be happy.

• When you go with your parents to the supermarket, choose local and sustainable products

• - Support in food collection campaigns.

• Participates in tree planting activities.

• - Do not buy food in trays, use more resources than bulk.

• Wear a sweater at home in the winter instead of raising the heater.

• - Lower the shutter in summer so there is not so much heat in the house.

• Drink water from the faucet, it needs less energy and there is no need to recycle the bottle.

• Buy recycled paper things.

• - Do not ask for many toys from the popes.


• - Participate or create a group in your school to report on the Goals and you can do a week where each one is talked about.

• - Disconnect electronic devices. Save energy.

• - Bring a reusable bag, and recycle.

• - Avoid consumerism, clothing, shoes, etc.

• - Create a group and propose changes in the neighborhood so that you can live better.

• Treat everyone equally regardless of race, religion, weight, height, favorite soccer team, etc.

• - Use public transportation. • - Study to have training and to have a job.

• We can also collaborate on World Water Day and World Welfare Day campaigns.

• - If you are a girl, you can motivate your classmates to do the same and fight for your rights.

• We can ask our governments to give priority to education. • We can act through schools, clubs, teams and organizations to promote better health for all.

• - Choose local and sustainable products.

• - We can participate, in the platforms of social networks.

• - Ask the City Council to lower the lighting of street lamps from midnight.

• - Mobilize to get what you want.

• Consume ecological products.

• - Preferably consuming products in glass is better recived.

• - Think about what you throw.

• Give a second chance to things, clothes, toys, shoes, etc.

• - Beware of fire in nature.

• - Take care of Nature do not take things from the field, the best make a photo.


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